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Egress Window Installation & Wall Cut Outs Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

Egress Window Installation & Basement Wall Cut Outs

Magic Basements can help with egress window installation, basement door and wall cut outs, and more. Our team has the experience & expertise needed to deliver above the ground and below the ground window cut outs and egress window installation.


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Basement Wall Cutouts for Windows & Doors

What is Basement Wall Cut Out?

Basement wall cut outs involve the modification of an existing basement wall to create an opening. This process usually includes cutting through the wall, installing a window or doorway, and ensuring proper reinforcement to maintain structural integrity.

The primary purpose of a basement wall cut out is to allow for safe and convenient access between the basement and the outside or other areas of the house.

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Egress Window Installation & Basement Doors Toronto

What are Basement Wall Cut Outs Used for?

Our team is often tasked with adding basement wall cut outs for windows and doors. This is a big part of making your basement a better and more usable space.


As a part of this project our team will cut through the foundation wall to add the window or a door. We will then reinforce the opening to ensure structural integrity of the foundation.


As a result of the basement wall cutting, our team will help you install:

  • Basement Walkout Construction – basement wall cut out is a part of adding a separate entrance to your home. A popular service to convert the basement into a rental unit or a space with more air & sunshine.

  • Window Well Installation – a popular combination with basement wall cut outs below the ground. This is a part of basement waterproofing that helps protect your basement from water leaks and wet basement problems.

  • Weeping Tile Installation – a drainage system is a must-have to prevent hydrostatic pressure. Especially if you add a window or a separate entrance.

  • And More – basement window and door cutouts are a popular project that is sometimes combined with waterproofing and basemen underpinning projects.

If you are looking to add a basement window, or a separate exit, install an egress window, or need basement wall cutouts in Toronto for another reason, look no further. Book your FREE estimate today!

Why Get Basement Wall Cut Outs in Toronto?

Benefits of Basement Wall Cut Outs & Egress Window Installation

Basement wall cut outs are a popular project in Toronto, GTA & Southern Ontario. The most common reasons to get wall cut outs in Toronto is to add more sunshine to the basement, convert it into a rental unit or to comply with the safety regulations.


  • Improved Aesthetics and Space Utility - wall cut outs and egress window installations can transform a dull and dark basement into an appealing living space that serves multiple purposes. Whether you want a play area for the kids, a home office, or a cozy family room, basement improvements can help you get there.

  • Rental Units – basement wall cut outs for separate entrance creation are a part of adding a second entrance to the basement. This is one of the steps home owners take to convert the basement into a rental unit.

  • Improved Safety - one of the most crucial benefits of egress window installation is the improved safety they provide. In situations like fires or other emergencies, they serve as a lifesaving escape route. This becomes even more important for basements which may lack sufficient exit points.

  • Sunshine & More Air - basement wall cut outs, especially ones that facilitate window installations, can dramatically increase the amount of natural light entering the basement. This can make your underground space feel more spacious. Additionally, windows allow better ventilation for the basement, improving air quality and reducing humidity levels, which can be beneficial in preventing mold growth.

  • Increased Property Value - a well-lit, accessible basement can significantly add to your home's market value. Finished basements are a plus for potential buyers, and the addition of egress windows distinguishes your property by showing adherence to safety regulations.

  • Meeting Building Codes - building codes in many areas require the installation of egress windows in all bedrooms, including those located within the basement. Properly installed egress windows will keep your home compliant with local safety codes.


A well-ventilated basement with an emergency exit brings homeowners peace of mind. Not only does it increase home safety, but it also provides a comfortable, usable space for entire family enjoyment. If your are looking for egress window installation or basement wall cut out services, book your FREE estimate today!

Types of Basement Wall Cut Outs Toronto

Our Basement Wall Cut Out Services Include

Basement wall cut outs in Toronto serve different purposes. In some cases, our clients get them to create a basement walkout entrance, others - to add more sunshine to the space or to convert it into a rental unit and earn passive income from the property. Depending on your specific project our team may recommend combining the wall cut out with another service. For example:


Egress window installation is the process of adding a specific type of window that provides an emergency means of exiting a building. Originally designed to facilitate an easy escape route in the event of a fire, egress windows have become a mandatory requirement in most building codes for basements and other specific rooms within a house.

Egress Window Installation Cost


Adding a basement window above the ground will require cutting through the basement wall. Our team can help cut out the wall the add the window.

Basement Window Cut Out Cost - $2,000+


Window Well Installation involves placing a special enclosure outside basement windows that are at or below ground level. This well provides an escape route in case of emergency, prevents water and soil from putting pressure on the window, and helps keep the basement well-lit and ventilated.

Window Well Installation Cost - $1,600-$4,000


Basement window cut down is a process of expanding an existing window, as opposed to adding a new window to the basement. Basement window expansion projects can be easier to complete as in most cases they don't require supporting structures.

Above the Ground Window Expansion Cost - $1,000+


Adding a basement window below the ground will require removing the soil, installing a weeping tile, and ensuring the structural integrity of the building.

Below the Ground Wall Cut Out Cost - $2,500+


Weeping tile installation is normally a part of the window well installation project. As a part of this project, we normally install a weeping tile and connect it to the drainage system. This will prevent the accumulation of water by your new window.


Expanding the basement window below the ground is a common project in Toronto. Because the new window will be partially located below the ground, a weeping tile

will be installed and connected to the drainage system to prevent water from accumulating around the window and causing basement leaks.

Basement Window Cut Down Cost - $1,400+


Basement door cut outs are a part of basement walkout construction projects. These projects often need an addition of structural support to ensure the stability of the structure. Most homeowners include concrete stair installations or retaining wall installations as a part of this project.

Basement Door Cut Out Cost - $2,700+


Basement Walkout Construction services involve creating a separate entrance for the basement. This adds value to a property by providing a convenient, direct access to the basement, and can also allow for potential rental opportunities. It also serves as an emergency exit, bolstering home safety.


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