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Basement Waterproofing Markham

Wet Basement Repair & Prevention

Trust your basement waterproofing Markham to experts. Our trusted waterproofing contractors can take care of wet basements and basement leak repairs of any difficulty. 25-year warranty, trusted workmanship and lots of experience.


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Basement Waterproofing Experts

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When to Seek Basement Waterproofing?

Signs that Your Need Basement Waterproofing Markham

If you are experiencing wet basement, basement leaks, or damp basement problems, it is time to call professional waterproofing contractors.

Working on waterproofing projects in Markham, we often see the following signs of wet basements - water stains on walls or floors, mold or mildew growth, musty odors, peeling paint or wallpaper, or visible cracks in foundations. These are some of the indicators that moisture is seeping into your basement, and addressing them promptly with the help of professionals like Basement Waterproofing Markham can prevent further damage and ensure a dry and healthy home environment. 

Our experts can help prevent and repair basement leaks and will make sure your basement is free of leaks for a long time. Our 25-year warranty, along with top-quality workmanship and a professional approach will repair your basement leaks and prevent water intrusion for the years to come. 

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How Much Does Waterproofing Cost?

Basement Waterproofing Cost Markham

The cost of basement waterproofing in Markham ranges from $70 to $100 per linear foot, average cost of waterproofing in Markham is $82 per linear foot. More specific costs will be determined depending on the extent of the foundation damage, what services are needed to repair the basement, as well as waterproofing materials that will need to be used. Get a FREE estimate today!

Waterproofing Cost Factors

Waterproofing Solution Offered in Markham

Basement Waterproofing Services Markham

Basements Waterproofing in Markham is the go-to company for basement waterproofing services in Markham. With a team of highly skilled professionals, we offer top-notch services that ensure the utmost quality and reliability.  Whether you need exterior or interior waterproofing, sump pump installation, foundation crack repair, or any other related service, our team has you covered.  Our advanced techniques and premium materials effectively protect your basement from water damage and leaks. Talk to our experts for exceptional results and peace of mind knowing your basement is in expert hands.


Exterior waterproofing involves protecting the basement from moisture by blocking water infiltration from the outside. It typically includes excavating around the foundation walls, applying a waterproofing membrane, and installing drainage systems such as weeping tiles. This helps to prevent water from entering the basement through cracks or gaps in the foundation walls.

Basement Waterproofing Cost - $100-$300/linear foot

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

This service is often performed when homeowners want to increase ceiling height or add additional living space in their basements. It involves reinforcing and strengthening existing foundations by excavating soil underneath them and extending their depth. Underpinning can help stabilize foundations and prevent structural issues caused by soil movement or settlement.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot


Window wells are structures installed around basement windows to allow natural light into the basement while also preventing soil, debris, and water ingress. The installation process typically involves excavation, creating a drainage system if necessary, and installing the window well structure securely against the foundation wall. Window well installation enhances the basement's aesthetics, safety, and functionality.

Window Well Installation Cost - $1,600-$4,000


This service involves installing the initial plumbing components in a basement during construction or renovation. It includes roughing in drain pipes, sewer lines, water supply lines for sinks or toilets, as well as setting up connections for future fixtures. Basement plumbing rough ins ensure proper functioning of plumbing systems in the basement area.


Egress window installation adds large and easily accessible windows that serve as emergency exits for basements or rooms below grade. The installation involves cutting openings in the basement walls, creating a window well, installing proper window frames, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. Egress window installation improves safety by providing alternative escape routes.

Basement Wall Cut Out Cost - $1,000+


This service focuses on managing water that has already entered the basement. It usually involves installing interior drainage systems, such as drains and sump pumps, to collect and redirect water away from the basement. Additionally, waterproof coatings or sealants may be applied to the interior walls to further prevent moisture penetration.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Cost - $70-$350/linear foot


Foundation Crack Repair services addresses foundation cracks that can become potential entry points for water. Cracks are first identified through visual inspection or specialized techniques, and then repaired using different methods such as epoxy injection, polyurethane foam injection, or hydraulic cement application. Repairing foundation cracks helps maintain structural integrity and prevents water seepage.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost - $1,500-$3,200


Basement Leak Detection This service involves identifying the source of basement leaks or moisture issues through various testing methods such as visual inspection, infrared scanning, or moisture mapping. Once the source is identified, appropriate repairs or remediation strategies are implemented to prevent further water infiltration and damage.

Waterproofing Contractors installing a weeping tile in front of CN Tower

Weeping tiles are perforated pipes laid around the foundation perimeter to collect ground or surface water and direct it away from the building. The installation process involves excavating trenches near the foundation walls, placing weeping tiles at a slope to promote water flow towards a drainage system like a sump pump or storm sewer connection. Weeping tile installation helps to minimize hydrostatic pressure around foundations.

Weeping Tile Installation Cost: $1,500-$4,000/wall


A sump pump is a device installed in the basement or crawl space that helps remove accumulated water by pumping it away from the structure. The installation process typically involves creating a sump pit, connecting drainage pipes to divert water into the pit, and installing the sump pump itself. Sump pumps are essential for preventing basement flooding.

Sump Pump Installation Cost - $500-$3,600


A backwater valve is a device that prevents sewage backups into the basement during heavy rainfall or flooding events. The installation process involves connecting the valve to main plumbing lines and ensuring proper closure during backflow situations. Backwater valve installation provides added protection against sewage backup and potential water damage.

Crawlspace Insulation Toronto GTA Ontario Example.jpeg

Crawlspace encapsulation aims to seal off crawl spaces from external elements such as moisture, pests, and mold by installing vapor barriers, insulation systems, and proper ventilation. Additionally, crawlspaces can be converted into usable storage or living spaces by insulating walls and floors, installing flooring, and improving access points.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Cost


Basement Walkout Construction converts an existing basement into a walkout space with direct outdoor access. The construction process typically includes excavation, installing support structures, creating new entry points like doors or windows, and providing proper drainage and waterproofing measures around the walkout area. Basement walkout construction adds convenience and value to the property.


Waterproofing Products Markham

Basement Waterproofing Materials Markham

At Basement Waterproofing Markham, we understand the importance of using high-quality materials when it comes to basement waterproofing. We take pride in sourcing and utilizing some of the best materials available on the market. 

By using top-of-the-line waterproofing materials, such as advanced membranes, drainage systems, sealants, and coatings, we ensure the highest level of protection for your basement against water intrusion. These premium materials have been specially designed to withstand the demands of basements and provide long-lasting results.

Investing in quality waterproofing materials can help waterproofing projects to last longer - this is where our 25-year warranty comes in.

When you choose us, you can trust that our experienced team will recommend quality materials for your project. Your satisfaction and the longevity of our work are our top priorities - which is why we never compromise on quality. Get a FREE estimate today!

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