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Backwater Valve Installation Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

Prevent & Repairs Sewage Backups

Magic Basements offers Backwater Valve Installation in Toronto, GTA and South Ontario. Prevent sewage from flowing back to your home.

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Backwater Valve Installation Toronto, GTA & Ontario

What is Backwater Valve?

A backwater valve is a device installed in a sewer line or drain line to prevent sewage or water from flowing backward into the property. It is typically used in plumbing systems to safeguard properties from basement flooding and water damage, especially during heavy rainfalls or city sewer backups. The backwater valve only allows the flow of waste in one direction, hence protecting the interior of a property from sewage backup.

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How Much Does Backwater Valve Installation Cost in Toronto?

Backwater Valve Installation Cost

Backwater valve installation costs from $1,500 to $4,200 in Toronto. The cost of backwater valve installation can vary depending on type of the valve, the complexity of the installation, and the contractor you hire. 


  • Interior Backwater Valve Installation Cost: $1,500-$2,600

  • Exterior Backwater Valve Installation Cost: $2,200-$4,200

  • Backwater Valve Permits Cost: - $198.54

  • Rebate: Backwater Valve Installation: $1,250

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Benefits of Backwater Valve in Toronto & GTA

Why Get Backwater Valve Installation Services?

The primary reason to get a backwater valve installation is to prevent sewer backups that can result in costly repairs. There are more benefits of getting a backwater valve installed:


  • Flood Protection - the most significant purpose of a backwater valve is to protect your home from flood damage. In events like heavy rainfall or sewer line blockages, sewage can back up into your home. A backwater valve prevents this from happening, preventing health hazards and unpleasant smell.

  • Property Value - installing a backwater valve can potentially increase the value of your property as it is a valuable tool for flood prevention.

  • Lower Insurance Premiums - some insurance companies may reduce your insurance premiums if you have a backwater valve installed since it reduces the risk of water damage to your home.

  • Legal Requirements - in some locations, local building codes mandate the installation of a backwater valve in new properties or when making significant plumbing changes in existing properties.

  • Rebates – some areas offer backwater valve installation rebates that can lower the cost of installing the backwater valve for your property.


Installation of a backwater valve provides homeowners with peace of mind knowing that they are protected from unexpected flooding and costly repairs.


Remember, it's important to have a backwater valve professionally installed and regularly maintained for proper operation.


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Backwater Valve Installation Process

How Backwater Valve Installation Works?

Backwater valve installation should be performed by a professional plumber to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations. Although the specific process can vary depending on your property's plumbing system, overall the team at Magic Basements will take the following steps during the backwater valve installation:


  • Location Identification - the plumber identifies the right location for the backwater valve, typically where the home or building's sewer line exits towards the municipality line

  • Excavation - once the location has been determined, excavation begins to access the main sewer pipe that runs underground

  • Pipe cutting and Removal - after locating and exposing the pipe, it will be cut strategically and a section will then be removed so as to accommodate the backwater valve fixture into the main sewage line

  • Preparing for Installation - the area is prepared for installing the valve, including any needed adjustments to ensure a secure fit

  • Valve Installation - the backwater valve is placed into this gap in proper orientation; ensuring flow direction aligns with outgoing wastewater flow. It's connected henceforth firmly with the help of couplers, mechanical joints or as necessary according to the type of existing pipe

  • Integrity Check - once it’s secured into place, an integrity check takes place where they make sure all connections are solid & and leakproof

  • Testing - before finishing up, they'll test the system up by sending water through making sure everything is functioning as expected – i.e., water flows out unimpeded but cannot return through the same way .

  • Final Touches - if testing goes smoothly our team will fill the trench back up, tamp soil down compactly over sewage lines & and usually pave over the spot where work was done if required.


It’s critical action that this job entails adhering strictly to your locality's building codes and regulations which might vary by region ensuring safety & and optimal functionality ensuring longevity.


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