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Basement Waterproofing Burlington

Welcome to Magic Basements

Magic Basements is a trusted  basement waterproofing company Burlington. We offer a full spectrum of services from interior and exterior basement waterproofing, basement underpinning, and window well installations to basement leak repairs, sump pump installation, weeping tile installation and more.


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Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Welcome to Magic, Burlington

Signs that You Need Basement Waterproofing Burlington

The best time to do basement waterproofing is before you get any leaks. Ideally, basement waterproofing should be a preventative measure to protect your basement from water damage.

Unfortunately, in most cases, basement waterproofing services are used to repair the leaks that already happened. There is a number of services under basement waterproofing that cater to different scenarios – basement leak repair, interior and exterior basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, basement wall & floor crack repairs, weeping tile installation, window well installations, and more.


Different combinations of these services are used to prevent and repair basement leaks & wet basement problems, for example:

  • Basement leak repair

  • Water leaking over the top of basement walls

  • Basement flood repair

  • Water seeping through the basement floor

  • Foundation repairs (of various difficulties)

  • Structural damage prevention

  • And more.


Talking to professional basement waterproofing contractors is the first step in every scenario. If you see any signs of water damage in your property or would like to prevent water leaks in the future, talk to our experts today!

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Is Basement Waterproofing Worth It in Burlington?

The main benefit of basement waterproofing is peace of mind that it brings to the property owners. Peace of mind that your property is safe from water damage.

Here is a number of benefits that you get with basement waterproofing:


  • Prevents Leaks – the main benefit of basement waterproofing. It’s a good idea to prevent basement leaks, rather than going for expensive basement leak repairs after a leak happens.

  • Protects Foundation – some basement waterproofing services will help prevent groundwater from reaching the basement walls. As a result, the foundation will last longer.

  • Reduces Humidity – making your basement a more cozy space.

  • Reduce Hydro Bill – potential saving opportunity. It is harder for HVAC system to work with humid air. Because basement waterproofing services can help reduce humidity in the basement, it will be easier to heat & cool the air. As a result, your hydro bill may decrease.

  • Mold, Mildew, and Fungi – are more likely to grow in high-humidity environments. Basement waterproofing services can help reduce humidity, as a result, mold, mildew, and fungi will be less likely to grow in the space.


Our team at Magic Basement is trained to plan & execute basement waterproofing services of various difficulty. But the first step is always to get our experts on the phone to discuss your basement waterproofing objectives and how we can help you get there.


Get one of our waterproofing experts on the phone today!


Basement Waterproofing Burlington

What is the Process of Exterior vs Interior Basement Waterproofing?

Interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing are two methods used to prevent water from penetrating into a building's foundation or basement. While both methods serve the same purpose, they differ in their approach and level of protection.

Exterior Waterproofing:

Exterior waterproofing involves applying a waterproof membrane or coating to the outside of the foundation walls. This service requires excavation around the foundation walls to expose them. The walls are then cleaned and any wall cracks are repaired. Basement waterprofing contractors will then apply the waterproofing membrane or coatingto the foundation walls. This will create a barrier to help prevent water from entering the foundation. 

Interior Waterproofing:

Interior waterproofing, on the other hand, involves installing a waterproofing system on the inside of the basement walls. This method is less invasive and less expensive than exterior waterproofing. 

Overall, interior basement waterproofing is rather a water management solution, rather than waterproofing. That's because it doesn't prevent water from making it to your basement, but helps collect the water and direct it to the sump pump that then pushes the water outside your basement. Exterior waterproofing, on the other hand actually prevents water from entering your basement in the first place.

It's important to consult with a professional to determine which method is best suited for your specific needs.

Some of our Basement Waterproofing Services Burlington

What Basement Waterproofing Services are Offered in Burlington?

Basement waterproofing projects can include a variety of different services depending on property location (and how much groundwater it has), your needs, plans for the property, and more. From simple wall crack repairs to complex projects involving exterior basement waterproofing, weeping tile installation, sump pump installations, and more. The services will depend on your goals, the extent of the damage, and your goals. Here are a couple of services that we often include in basement waterproofing in Burlington.

Interior basement waterproofing is a process of preventing water from entering the interior of a basement by installing a waterproof barrier system.

As a part of interior waterproofing the waterproof membrane is installed on the inside of the basement. This way, interior waterproofing does not prevent water from making it through the outside wall inside the basement.

Interior waterproofing is designed to collect the water that already made it through the walls & directing it towards the drainage system to the sump pump that then pushes the water outside the basement.

Interior basement waterproofing has a number of benefits (for example price), however, it is rather a water management method, as opposed to waterproofing.


More Reasons to Choose Magic

Welcome to Magic! Over the years, we've perfected our process, materials, and other elements that go into basement waterproofing services. All to deliver an unparalleled experience to our clients. Here is what it's like to work with Magic.


This is not our first waterproofing project. Over the years, we've perfected our process & approach. 


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Proudly Serving Toronto & GTA

Serving clients in and around Toronto, GTA and beyond!



Giving a credit where it’s due - the team at Magic Basements did an excellent job with water leak detection and repairs in our basement. The team came on time, was organized & took their time to address all the questions we had. We are happy with results, and glad we chose Magic!

Iryna M.

Residential Client


We hired the team because from the very start I could tell they are honest & decent people. I trusted our basement waterproofing project to them and they did a very good job. It’s been a while since and not a single leak. I recommend the the team!

Marvin M. Client.jpg

Marvin G.

Residential Client

Rock-n-rolled our basement waterproofing, no leaks!

Mike M - Residential Client.jpg

Mike M.

Residential Client

The team went above and beyond to make sure they addressed every detail and every question that we had about the sump pumps, how to take care of them and other questions we had about internal waterproofing. They care about their clients, and it’s our pleasure to work together.

Natalie - Residential Basement Waterproofing Client.jpg

Natalie R.

Residential Client

Because it's Magic!

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