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Basement Leak Detection Toronto & Ontario

Basement Leak Detection & Repair Experts

Basement leak detection Toronto & Ontario is one of the most popular services we provide. Our team has equipment and expertise to deliver professional basement inspection services, identify sources, and repair basement leaks.

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Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Common Reasons to Get Basement Waterproofing

What is Basement Leak Detection?

Basement Leak Detection is the process of locating and diagnosing the cause of water intrusion in basements. It’s the first step in basement leaks repair service. Leak detection is used when it’s not obvious where a leak comes from – when you have a finished basement or when you see damp spots on floors or walls.

Our team of basement leak detection experts has the necessary tools & expertise to inspect the basement, pinpoint the source of the leak, and repair it. Book a FREE estimate today!


Common Basement Leak Detection Toronto

When to Seek Basement Leak Detection Services?

You should call basement leak detection experts as soon as you suspect that you have wet basement problems. It is important to repair basement leaks as soon as they are discovered as they might lead to foundation damage or basement floods. Wet basement walls, water pooling on the floor and other signs may signal that leak detection is needed:


  • Visible Signs of Water Leakage - if you notice wet spots, mold, damp areas, or pooling water in your basement and it’s not clear where it comes from.

  • Increased Humidity - unusual dampness or increased humidity in your basement

  • Mold and Mildew – indicate a moisture problem

  • Musty Odors – might be related to water leaks and a sign of hidden mold

  • Foundation Cracks – may start leaking at some point

  • Increased water bills – may be due to water loss caused by leaky pipes etc.


If you suspect that you have wet basement problems, get one of our experts on the phone. During the FREE estimate we will help understand your wet basement problems and repair the leaks.


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Basement Leak Detection Process

How Basement Leak Detection Works?

Basement leak detection involves a comprehensive process that includes a thorough inspection, moisture readings, pressure testing, and often the use of sophisticated leak detection technologies. Depending on your wet basement problem, our team of leak detection experts will use one of the following techniques to identify the leak source:

  • Visual Inspection - the process starts with an initial visual inspection where the professionals look for signs of water damage. This includes water stains, musty smells, and any apparent structural damage.

  • Moisture Meters - in the next step, professionals use moisture meters to measure the moisture content of different materials in your basement. Abnormally high readings may indicate a leak.

  • Thermal Imaging & Acoustic Leak Detection - In instances where the source of the leak is not apparent, advanced leak detection techniques like thermal imaging and acoustic leak detection may be employed. These methodologies can help diagnose a leak underground, inside a wall, and in other places that are not visible to the human eye. 

  • Pressure Testing – in some cases, our leak detection contractors will turn to pressure testing, which means that water under high pressure will be sent through the pipes to detect the leak source that is not visible.

  • Smoke Testing – this methodology is similar to pressure testing, but instead of water, smoke is added to the pipes to detect the leak.


Post-detection, a thorough analysis, and plan is presented to the homeowner for necessary repairs and preventive measures to avoid future leaks. If you are dealing with wet basement problems, but it’s not clear where the leak comes from, give us a call!

Basement Leaks Common in Toronto & GTA

Common Sources of Basement Leaks

Out team is often called over for basement leak detection in Toronto and other locations in South Ontario. Some causes of basement leaks are more common than others, we often see some of the following causes of basement leaks:


  • Wall Cracks – the most common cause, by far. Cracks in basement walls can allow water to seep inside, causing leaks, water damage, and foundation damage.

  • Floor Cracks - similar to wall cracks, cracks in the floor also provide a pathway for water to enter the basement.

  • Hidden Leaks – in some cases, property owners are unaware of the basement leaks, for example, when you have mold grow under the floor covering of behind a finished wall.

  • Window Well Leaks - if the drainage system in your window well is improperly installed or blocked, it can cause leaks in your basement.

  • Plumbing Leaks - leaks from pipes, fixtures, or appliances in your basement can lead to water accumulation if not promptly addressed.

  • Cove Joint Seepage - is the point where the wall and floor meet in your basement, and water may seep through due to hydrostatic pressure.

  • Mortar Joint Leakage - mortar joints between concrete blocks can deteriorate over time, leading to potential water leakage and wet basement problems.


When in doubt, consult an expert. Get one of our experts for a basement leak inspection and have you basement safe from leaks and water damage!



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