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Foundation Repair Toronto & Ontario

Toronto Basement Crack Repair Services

We specialize in foundation repairs of any difficulty from simple wall and floor crack repairs to structural foundation repairs like wall stitching, crumbling foundation repairs, structural carbon fiber installation, and more.


Years of experience, well-defined processes, and flexible financing options make Magic Basements an excellent choice for foundation repair in Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario.


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What are the Concrete Wall and Floor Cracks

What is a Foundation Crack?

A foundation crack is a fracture or break in the concrete or masonry material that forms the foundation of a building. These cracks can vary in size and severity, ranging from hairline cracks to larger, more extensive cracks. Foundation cracks can occur due to various reasons, including settlement of the soil beneath the foundation, moisture-related issues, structural stress, or poor construction practices. These cracks can allow water to seep into the basement, weaken the foundation, and potentially lead to other structural problems if not addressed promptly.

How Much Does Basement Crack Repair Cost?

Foundation Crack Repair Cost Toronto

A cost of foundation crack repair in Toronto ranges from $1,500 to $3,200. The cost of foundation wall and floor crack repair may vary depending on the severity of the damage. A hairline wall crack will likely cost from $1,500 to $3,200 to repair, however, a more serious wall crack may cost more. In some cases, our experts will recommend other foundation repair techniques like wall stitching, foundation piering etc.

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Common Reasons to Get Basement Waterproofing

When to Seek Basement Waterproofing Services in Barrie?

Consult a foundation repair expert as soon as you notice the first signs of foundation cracks. If not repaired properly, basement cracks can lead to more severe foundation damage, basement leaks, and wet basement problems. Here is a couple of signs that we see most often:


  • Visible cracks - if you see cracks in your basement walls, floors, or exterior foundation walls, especially if they are wider than 1/8 inch, talk to a basement crack repair specialist at Magic Basements.

  • Leaks or moisture issues - if you notice water seepage, dampness, or moisture-related problems in your basement, it could be a sign of foundation issues that need to be addressed.

  • Uneven floors - if you notice that the floors in your home are sloping or uneven, it could indicate foundation settlement or movement.

  • Sticking doors and windows - doors and windows in your home may be difficult to open, or close or if they stick, it may be a sign of foundation movement.

  • Cracks in other parts of the house - cracks in drywall, ceilings, or around door and window frames can sometimes be indicative of foundation issues.


When in doubt, consult with a professional foundation repair specialist who can assess the situation and provide the necessary repairs or solutions. The basement crack repair team at Magic Basements repairs wall and floor cracks all around South Ontario – Toronto, GTA, all the way to Niagara, Muskoka, Oshawa, and beyond.


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Basement Wall & Floor Cracks Repair in Toronto

Types of Basement Foundation Cracks

There are several types of basement foundation cracks that can occur, including:


  • Vertical cracks - these cracks run straight up and down, usually starting from the top of the foundation and extending downwards. Vertical cracks can be caused by settlement, frost heave, or concrete shrinkage.

  • Horizontal cracks - horizontal cracks typically occur under extreme pressure and can pose significant structural concerns. They may be caused by hydrostatic pressure from excessive water in the soil, or by soil expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

  • Stair-step cracks - stair-step cracks are diagonal cracks that resemble a set of stairs. These cracks often occur in brick or concrete block foundation walls and can be caused by foundation settlement or pressure from the soil. 

  • Hairline cracks - hairline cracks are very thin cracks that are typically less than 1/8 inch wide. While they may not initially cause structural problems, they can widen over time and allow water to seep into the basement.

  • Foundation heave cracks - foundation heave cracks occur when the soil beneath the foundation expands, causing it to lift or bulge. These cracks are often vertical or diagonal and can be caused by frost heave or expansive soil conditions.


It's important to note that the type and severity of foundation cracks can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the underlying cause. If you notice any type of foundation cracks in your basement, it's recommended to consult with a professional to assess the situation and determine the appropriate course of action.


Magic Basements foundation repair Toronto offers FREE estimates and affordable financing options to repair any type of basement crack, talk to an expert today!


Wall and Floor Crack Repair Services Toronto, GTA & South Ontario

How to Repair Foundation Cracks

Foundation crack repairs include a variety of methods from simple wall crack injections with epoxy-resin solution to basement underpinning, foundation piering, wall stitching, and more. The best foundation repair or crack repair method will be recommended during the FREE estimate, however, in more severe cases, we will recommend hiring a structural engineer to provide a report and recommendation for the repair. 

In doubt? Talk to one of our foundation Repair Contractors serving Toronto, GTA, and South Ontario today!


In many cases, small cracks that do not pose a structural threat can often be fixed by injecting epoxy or polyurethane resin. The process involves cleaning out the crack and then injecting the resin which then hardens to seal the crack and prevent water intrusion.

Concrete Wall Crack Repair Cost - $1,500 - $3,200


Carbon fiber strips insulation for basement walls is sometimes used for horizontal or stair-step crack repair. The process involves adhering carbon fiber strips to a wall or crack to stabilize it and prevent further movement or shifting. 

Carbon Fibre Strips Installation Cost - $1,700-$5,000+


Concrete pressed piling, also known as concrete-driven piles or piers, is a method used to stabilize and lift foundations that have settled or cracked due to soil movement. This method typically involves pressing concrete cylinders or segments into the ground underneath the foundation, one on top of another, to provide support and halt further movement.

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

This method is used when the foundation has shifted considerably. It involves extending the foundation in depth or width so it rests on more solid ground, thus ensuring its stability. Another benefit that comes with basement underpinning is floor lowering which creates more headroom in your basement, turning it into a more functional space.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot


Grout or cement filling is a common method used for repairing foundation cracks. This process involves filling the cracks with a cement-based material to prevent further damage and restore the stability of the foundation. 

Grout or Cement Filling Cost Toronto - determined during FREE estimate


Helical piers, also known as helical piles, are a type of deep foundation used to secure structures to the ground. The helical plates attached to the steel shaft of the pier help to pull it into the ground during installation and provide anchoring strength as the weight of the foundation is transferred to the pier.


Foundation Pierring or Hydraulic Jacking

Also known as piering, this method involves driving steel posts through unstable soil and into solid bedrock or concrete supports, to support the foundation.

Foundation Pierring Cost - Custom Pricing


In extreme cases, the entire foundation may need to be replaced. This involves removing the house from the current foundation, building a new one, and replacing the house.

Cost of Foundation Replacement - determined during FREE estimate


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