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Basement Waterproofing Barrie

Barrie’s Waterproofing Experts

Welcome to Basement Waterproofing Barrie, for years we’ve been delivering top quality basement waterproofing services. From repairing foundation cracks to various kinds of basement waterproofing, our team is here to help. Our services come with flexible financing, and unbeatable 25-year warranty.

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Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Common Reasons to Get Basement Waterproofing

When to Seek Basement Waterproofing Services in Barrie?

You should get basement waterproofing as soon as you see the first signs of wet basement problems – damp basement walls or floors, mold growth, visible basement leaks, unpleasant smell in the basement, etc. We often see these wet basement problems in Barrie:


  • Wet Smell – a common sign that you may have mold growing in your basement.

  • Basement Leaks – visible leaks through the cracks in walls or floors

  • Dampness – walls or floors may feel damp to touch

  • Humidity – another sign of wet basement problems

  • Water Seepage – water may be seeping where walls meet the floor or over the top of the basement wall

  • And more


Basement waterproofing services include a number of services designed to prevent and repair basement leaks, floods, water seepage, and other wet basement problems.


We’ve done everything to deliver the most convenient basement waterproofing service in Barrie. Flexible financing options, a 25-year warranty, a proven process, and some of the best basement waterproofing materials help us deliver the basement waterproofing service we can get behind.


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Basement Waterproofing Cost in Barrie

Our average basement waterproofing cost in Barrie area is at $85 per linear foot. Depending on the specific services you need, cost of basement waterproofing can vary from $70-$350 per linear foot. During the free estimate process our waterproofing contractors will look at the extent of foundation damage, specific services included in your project, ease of access to the basement, how urgent is the project and other factors. Talk to our waterproofing experts in Barrie today!

Waterproofing Cost Factors

Wet Basement Waterproofing, Basement Leak Repair Barrie

What Basement Waterproofing Services are Offered in Burlington?

Dedicated to delivering some of the best basement waterproofing services in Barrie. Our service comes with a free estimate, flexible pricing options, some of the best basement waterproofing materials, as well as years of experience our basement waterproofing contractors bring to the table. Book you FREE estimate today!


Exterior Basement Waterproofing is a preventive measure used to prevent basement leaks. It forms an outer shield that stops water from seeping into the basement walls. This method employs the use of a waterproof membrane or coating applied to the exterior walls of the basement, effectively preventing water absorption. 

Basement Waterproofing Cost - $100-$300/linear foot

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Basement Underpinning is a process that helps to strengthen the foundation of a property by extending the depth or breadth of the foundation. If a basement needs to be made deeper, for example, underpinning can stabilize the surrounding soil and the foundation before excavating the extra space, preventing potential future structural issues.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot


Window Well Installation involves placing a special enclosure outside basement windows that are at or below ground level. This well provides an escape route in case of emergency, prevents water and soil from putting pressure on the window, and helps keep the basement well-lit and ventilated.

Window Well Installation Cost - $1,600-$4,000


Basement Plumbing Rough-Ins refer to laying out the primary plumbing lines—without making final connections—for future bathrooms, kitchens, or wet bars in the basement. It's easier and cheaper to install plumbing lines while a basement is still unfinished. 


Basement wall cut outs Barrie are used for a number of purposes - egress window installations, to add a basement walkout entrance, add more air to the basement etc.

Basement Wall Cut Out Cost - $1,000+


Interior Waterproofing offers a direct countermeasure to water entering the basement. It uses sealants, installed mainly on the inside walls and floors, to reduce moisture and stop water leaks into the basement. It’s typically used as an extra measure in addition to exterior waterproofing, or in situations where external waterproofing isn't possible.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Cost - $70-$350/linear foot


Foundation Crack Repairs involve dealing with cracks in the basement or foundation which serve as common entry points for water. Special sealants or injections are used to fill in these cracks, cutting off potential water intrusion. This can help maintain structural integrity and prevent further damage.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost - $1,500-$3,200


Basement Leak Detection aims to identify and locate any sources of moisture or water leaks in your basement. Leaks and humidity can damage your home, reduce its value, and possibly lead to health problems. An expert in leak detection will utilize specialized tools to find and eliminate the source of the leak.

Waterproofing Contractors installing a weeping tile in front of CN Tower

Weeping Tile Installation involves placing a special kind of porous pipe around the foundation of a house. The weeping tile collects and redirects water away from the home, which greatly reduces the chances of flooding and other types of water damage.

Weeping Tile Installation Cost: $1,500-$4,000/wall


Sump Pump Installation is a popular solution for basements prone to flooding. A sump pump works by collecting excess water in a sump pit (usually the lowest point in a basement) and pumping it away from your home. In case of heavy rainfall or rapid snowmelt, a properly functioning sump pump is crucial in protecting your basement from water damage.

Sump Pump Installation Cost - $500-$3,600


Backwater Valve Installation is a service that provides protection against sewage backing up into your home during heavy rainstorms. A properly installed backwater valve allows sewage to go out, but blocks it from coming back in, providing crucial protection to your basement and home.

Crawlspace Insulation Toronto GTA Ontario Example.jpeg

Crawlspace encapsulation is a service that involves covering your crawlspace with a waterproof barrier. This stops moisture from the ground from invading your home, making it less hospitable for pests and preventing mold and structural damage.


Basement Walkout Construction services involve creating a separate entrance for the basement. This adds value to a property by providing a convenient, direct access to the basement, and can also allow for potential rental opportunities. It also serves as an emergency exit, bolstering home safety.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Is Basement Waterproofing Worth It?

Yes, basement waterproofing is definitely worth it. We've seen homeowners in Barrie spend tens of thousands of dollars to repair wet basements. Basement waterproofing services are designed to prevent basement leaks & floods, making them a must-have for most properties.

  • Prevents Water Damage - big money saver. Waterproofing helps protect your basement from potential water damage such as flooding, leaks, or moisture buildup. This can save you from costly repairs.

  • Increases Home Value - a dry and well-protected basement increases property value as it gives potential buyers assurance that the property is safe and well-maintained.

  • Provides Additional Living Space - waterproofing your basement allows you to use it as additional living or storage space, as it ensures that the environment is dry and free of dampness and mold.

  • Reduces Health Risks - damp basements can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause health problems such as allergies or respiratory issues. Waterproofing eliminates this risk.

  • Energy Savings - by insulating your basement and preventing cold air from entering or warm air from escaping, waterproofing can improve your home's energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

  • Foundation Protection - by preventing water from seeping into your basement, you are also protecting your home's foundation, which can be exceedingly expensive to repair if damaged. 

On the whole, the cost of waterproofing is minimal compared to the potential repair costs it can save in the long run.


Waterproofing Products Barrie

Best Basement Waterproofing Materials

Basement waterproofing materials we use in Barrie are a part of the reason why we offer a 25-year warranty. Over the years, we've determined the best materials to prevent and repair basement leaks and dampness.

Some of the most popular waterproofing materials we use in Barrie include 4″ X 100′ Corrugated Drain Pipe – With Filter, Termination Bar, DELTA®-MS – Below-Grade Dimpled Membrane, Bakor 990-06 Yellow Jacket 6 Inch, DMX – Air-Gap, and more.

With our top-quality workmanship, some of the best materials, and years of experience you can rest assured that your basement is free of leaks, dampness, and other wet basement problems. 

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