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Interior Waterproofing Toronto

Internal Basement Waterproofing GTA & Ontario

Magic Basement can help with Interior Waterproofing solutions of any difficulty. A popular choice in Toronto and South Ontario to prevent and repair wet basement problems such as mold, mildew, wall cracks, various leaks, and other wet basement problems that can cost you thousands in damages. Take advantage of interior wet basement solutions by one of the leaders.


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Internal Waterproofing Explained

What is Interior Basement Waterproofing?

Interior basement waterproofing, also known as internal basement waterproofing, is a process designed to prevent water from entering the basement of a building from the inside. This is done using various methods to collect, redirect, or prevent water from entering your home's interior. 


How can we help?

How We Can Help Waterproof Your Basement from Inside?

Magic Basements Waterproofing is specialized in high-quality interior basement waterproofing services designed to make your life easier. Waterproofing your basement from the inside will come with flexible financing options, some of the best interior waterproofing materials, and a leading 25-year warranty transferable between property owners.

Infographics showing elements of interior waterproofing system and how it works

Common Reasons to Choose Internal Waterproofing

Why Select Interior Basement Waterproofing vs External Waterproofing?

Our clients choose Interior waterproofing because it is cheaper, can be done any time of the year and is a good solution for those who want to get the benefits of waterproofing without large upfront investment, there are more reasons to choose internal waterproofing solution.


  • Accessibility - interior waterproofing can be done regardless of the property's surroundings or the current weather. Unlike exterior waterproofing, it doesn't require excavation or outdoor access, so you won't have to disrupt landscaping, decks, patios, or other outdoor structures.

  • Cost - usually, interior waterproofing can be less expensive than an external one due to the less invasive process. It does not involve any extensive excavation work, so labor costs tend to be lower.

  • Flexibility - interior waterproofing can be done in stages, which allows you to spread the costs over time. You can handle one room or area at a time instead of taking on the entire basement at once.

  • Long-Term Solution - by installing an interior drainage system, you can manage water that gets into your basement by directing it to a sump pump and out of your home. This provides a long-term solution for keeping your basement dry.

  • Year-Round Implementation - unlike with exterior waterproofing, interior waterproofing can be done at any time of the year, regardless of outdoor conditions, be it winter season or pouring rain outside.


However, the best approach often depends on the specific situation of your home. In some cases, using a combination of both interior and exterior waterproofing may offer the most comprehensive protection against water damage. During the FREE estimation process our waterproofing contractors will recommend the best solution to keep your basemen free of water damage.

How Much Does Interior Waterproofing Cost?

Cost of Interior Basement Waterproofing in Toronto

Cost of Interior Basement Waterproofing in Toronto in 2023-2024 is at $73 per linear foot. Specific cost of interior basement waterproofing can range from $70-$350 per linear foot. Exact cost for your internal basement waterproofing project will depend on the ease of access to the basement, materials used in construction of the basement and specific waterproofing services in your project.


Seamless wall sealing services involve application of advanced sealing materials to fortify basement walls against possible water intrusion in the future.

Medium Size Basement - $1,375-$3,750

Large Basements - $3,250-$8,000


Sump Pump Installation Services

Sump pump installation services are frequently used in Toronto and offer an extra layer of protection from water damage by pushing water outside the basement.

Regular Sump Pump Installation: $1,500-$2,750

Extra Power or Battery Backup Pump Installation: $2,750-$5,000+


Effective interior drainage solutions will accumulate water that makes it to your basement and will push it out of the basement to prevent water floods and other wet basement problems.

Small Drainage Solution: $1,250-$3,000

Large Basement Drainage: $3,000-$8,000


Our waterproofing contractors in Toronto design and implement interior waterproofing systems to prevent floods for commercial and residential properties in Toronto, GTA & South Ontario.

Custom Interior Waterproofing Cost: Varies


Weeping tile is a crucial part of an interior basement waterproofing and is used to collect the water that makes it to your basement and channel it to the sump pump.

Small Basement Weeping Tile Installation: $2,350-$5,000

Large Basement Weeping Tile Installation: $5,000-$7,500+

Interior Waterproofing Project in progress in Toronto

Signs that Interior Waterproofing May be Needed

When to Seek Interior Waterproofing Services?

Internal waterproofing should be done as soon as you see first signs of wet basement problems. Or even better – before the first basement leak occurs.


  • Persistent Humidity - Despite using dehumidifiers or air conditioners, if your home feels persistently humid, this could indicate the need for waterproofing.

  • Wet or Damp Basement - a damp basement could indicate a groundwater issue or a leak that needs to be addressed through waterproofing services.

  • Visual Signs of Water Damage - Signs such as peeling wallpaper, bubbling paint, cracks in the walls or efflorescence suggest that you should seek interior waterproofing services.

  • Past or Recurring Flooding - If your property has experienced flooding in the past or there are recurrent small floods, it would be a good idea to consider waterproofing to prevent future incidents.

  • Damp or Wet Walls - feel your interior walls. If they are consistently damp or wet, it's a sign that water is seeping in somewhere.

  • Efflorescence - this is a white, powdery substance that can appear on your walls as a result of water seepage. It suggests that you could benefit from interior waterproofing.

  • Cracks in the Walls - if cracks appear in your interior walls, especially those below ground level, this can indicate a serious water infiltration problem.

  • Peeling Paint or Wallpaper - this is another visible sign of moisture penetrating your walls.

  • Visible Mold and Mildew - These are common signs of persisting dampness or water leakages, which can be addressed with waterproofing services.

  • Expansive Soil - If your home is in a region like Toronto with clay-rich soil, this could lead to repeated water seepage during rainy times, warranting professional waterproofing services.

  • Prepping for Renovation - If you're planning a basement renovation, consider having it professionally waterproofed first to prevent any future issues.

  • Health Issues - If you or your family members suffer from allergies, respiratory problems, or other health issues that can be caused or worsened by a damp environment, consider having a professional waterproofing service inspect your home.

  • Plan to Sell the House - f you plan to sell your house, interior waterproofing would be an important investment to increase the property value.


If you see these or other signs of wet basement problems, call a basement waterproofing contractors. Only an expert can determine the cause and appropriate solution for wet basement problems. Book a FREE estimate today!

Our Interior Waterproofing Procedure

Steps to Waterproof Your Basement From the Inside

  • Preparation – on this stage, our team will advise on the required permits for interior basement waterproofing in your location. As a n outcome of this step you will have the project drafted and will receive all the permits as required.

  • Inspect and Prepare the Basement – our team will start by doing a thorough check for any visible flaws like cracks, holes, or leaks which could be allowing water in. Remove any items stored in the basement, clear out any debris, and clean the area where you'll be working.

  • Excavate Weeping Tile Trench – a trench will be dug around the perimeter of your basement.

  • Water Holes Drilled – special holes are drilled to allow water trapped to drain in the weeping tile system.

  • Repair Cracks and Holes - use a waterproof patching compound to repair any cracks or holes in the walls or floor. Allow them to dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

  • Multiple Layers of Waterproofing – multiple layers of basement waterproofing will be applied to the wall. These layers will help prevent mold growth, and will direct water towards the drainage system.

  • Weeping Tile Installation – to direct water towards the sump pump weeping tile drainage will be installed in your basement.

  • Sump Pump Installation – the next steps in interior waterprpoofing is to connect the drainage system to the sump pump. Sump pump will be activated once water hits a certain level. It will then be pushed outside of your basement via sump pump discharge line.

  • Concrete Floor Leveling – our team will help repair the concrete in the basement trench that was used for weeping tile installation leaving you basement in the best condition, ready to use!

  • Results – let us beat your expectations and deliver the best customer experience so you are happy with the final result of internal waterproofing.


Remember it is always best to hire a professional for major waterproofing needs like the installation of drainage or sump pumps. Talk to our experts to discuss your waterproofing needs and what we can do to help!


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