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Basement Waterproofing Orillia

Welcome to Magic Basements

Welcome to Magic – a trusted basement waterproofing company serving Orillia, ON. Our basement waterproofing contractors can deliver basement waterproofing task of any size & difficulty:

  • Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing

  • Basement Underpinning

  • Foundation Repairs

  • Basement Leak Repairs

  • Trenchless Pipe Replacement

  • Window Well Installation

  • Other plumbing & waterproofing services.


The best part? Our basement waterproofing services come with a 10% discount, no matter the service. If you are looking for quality, it’s time to call Magic!

Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Signs that you Need Basement Waterproofing

Who Can Benefit from Basement Waterproofing in Orillia?

Basement waterproofing is useful for two major groups of customers – those who need to repair water damage & those who are looking to prevent it. Depending on location of the leak, extent of the damage, your budget and other criteria basement waterproofing can include a variety of services – from window well installations (to protect egress windows from leaking) to repairing wall cracks to full-scale waterproofing and underpinning projects.

Here is a couple of common reasons why clients seek basement waterproofing in Orillia:


  • Foundation Cracks – often lead to basement leakage & basement floods. A common reason to seek wall crack repairs before you get more serious issues

  • Basement Wall Leaks – water leaking from the basement walls and water coming up through the basement floor are other common scenarios to consult a professional basement waterproofing contractor in Orillia

  • Musty Odor – is a common sign of mold in your basement. Because mold & mildew prefer high-humidity environments, a musty odor is another sign that you need to consult basement waterproofers

  • Moist Walls & Floors – the so-called wet basement repairs may be needed when walls & floors in your basement feel moist to the touch. This is a sign that some sort of leakage is happening – either from the wall cracks or from leaky pipes or another source. In cases like these, it’s a good idea to consult basement waterproofing contractors

  • Prevent Water Damage – another common reason to seek basement waterproofing in Orillia. It is always a good idea to prevent water damage as opposed to repairing basement leaks & basement floods after they happen.


To make basement waterproofing more accessible, Magic Basements offers 10% discount on all basement waterproofing services in Orillia & beyond. Get one of our experts on the phone today!

What you get From Basement Waterproofing?

Benefits Basement Waterproofing Brings to the Table

Basement waterproofing is worth the investment in most scenarios. If you already have basement wall or floor leaks it’s a good idea to repair them sooner rather than later. Same goes for scenarios where you want to prevent wet basement problems.

Depending on a scale of your basement waterproofing projects, here is a couple of benfits you may see:


  • Helps Prevent Structural Damage – some types of basement waterproofing help minimize contact between groundwater and the foundation walls, and your foundation lives longer

  • Reduces Humidity – no basement leaks means less humidity in your basement

  • Prevents Mold & Fungi – in case your basement waterproofing solution makes your basement less humid, mold, mildew and fungi will be less likely to grow there. This will have benefits that go beyond just money.

  • Energy Saving – less humid air is easier to heat & cool, this often leads to a lower energy bill.

  • Property Vlaue – basement waterproofing is often considered one of the ways to potentially increase the value of your property.


There is more. All these & other reasons mean that basement waterproofing is definitely worth the investment if you would like to protect your property from water damage or repair one.  


Any basement waterproofing project start with getting one of our experts on the phone. Call today & get 10% discount!


Benefits of Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing

What you Get From Different Types of Basement Waterproofing? 

Basement waterproofing is the process of preventing water from penetrating the walls and foundation of a basement. There are two types of basement waterproofing: interior and exterior. Here are some benefits of each.

Interior Basement Waterproofing:

  • Cost-effective - interior waterproofing is generally less expensive than exterior waterproofing, making it a popular choice for homeowners

  • Faster installation - interior waterproofing can be completed quickly, usually within a few days

  • Less invasive - this method does not require excavation, which means less disruption to your landscaping and outdoor living areas

Exterior Basement Waterproofing:

  • Long-term solution - exterior waterproofing is a more permanent solution and is generally considered to be the most effective way to prevent water from entering your basement

  • Increased home value - this method adds an extra layer of protection to your home, which can increase its resale value

  • Reduced risk of foundation damage - exterior waterproofing can help prevent water from penetrating the foundation, which can reduce the risk of cracks and other forms of damage

  • Better drainage - exterior waterproofing involves installing drainage systems that can help move water away from your home, which can prevent water from pooling around your foundation

Ultimately, the choice between interior and exterior waterproofing will depend on your specific needs and the condition of your basement. It's best to consult with a professional waterproofing contractor to determine which method is right for you.

Magic Basements Offers a Number of Basment Waterproofing Services

Waterproofing Orillia Always Wanted, Magic! 

Basement waterproofing can include many different services, all united with one goal - protecting your space from basement water leaks. From basement leak repairs and window well installations to exterior basement waterproofing and basement underpinning services, our team of basement waterproofing contractors is here to help protect your basement from water leaks. Below are some of our basement waterproofing services in Toronto.

Internal basement waterproofing is the process of installing a drainage system and a waterproof membrane on the inside of your basement walls and floor to prevent water from entering your home. It's a popular solution for homeowners who want to address water issues in their basements without excavating the exterior of their homes.

The process of internal waterproofing usually involves the following steps:

  • Assessment - a professional waterproofing contractor will assess the current condition of your basement, identify any sources of water intrusion, and recommend the best course of action.

  • Interior drainage system - an interior drainage system is installed along the perimeter of your basement floor to collect any water that seeps through the foundation walls or floor. The system typically includes a drainpipe and a sump pump to remove the water from your basement.

  • Sealing cracks and gaps - during interior basement waterproofing all discovered cracks in your foundation are repaired.

  • Waterproof membrane - a waterproofing membrane is installed on the interior walls and floor of your basement to prevent water that is seeping through the concrete to be directed to the drainage system that will then push the water out.

Internal basement waterproofing can be an effective way to prevent water intrusion in your basement, but it's important to work with a professional contractor to ensure that the drainage system and membrane are installed correctly to provide long-lasting protection for your home.

Example of Interior Basement Waterproofing System

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Giving a credit where it’s due - the team at Magic Basements did an excellent job with water leak detection and repairs in our basement. The team came on time, was organized & took their time to address all the questions we had. We are happy with results, and glad we chose Magic!

Iryna M.

Residential Client


We hired the team because from the very start I could tell they are honest & decent people. I trusted our basement waterproofing project to them and they did a very good job. It’s been a while since and not a single leak. I recommend the the team!

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Marvin G.

Residential Client

Rock-n-rolled our basement waterproofing, no leaks!

Mike M - Residential Client.jpg

Mike M.

Residential Client

The team went above and beyond to make sure they addressed every detail and every question that we had about the sump pumps, how to take care of them and other questions we had about internal waterproofing. They care about their clients, and it’s our pleasure to work together.

Natalie - Residential Basement Waterproofing Client.jpg

Natalie R.

Residential Client

Because it's Magic!

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