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Basement Waterproofing Pickering, ON

Wet, Damp and Leaky Basement Repair

Our basement waterproofing contractors offer a full range of services in Pickering, ON. Our team can help prevent and repair basement leaks. Our waterproofing services come with flexible financing options, 25-year warranty. Our team of contractors uses some of the best materials and follows our process developed over the years. All of this comes together to keep your basement leak-free.


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Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Signs Waterproofing is Needed

When to Get Basement Waterproofing Pickering?

Basement waterproofing in Pickering is necessary when homeowners notice signs of moisture or water intrusion in their basement.


Some common indicators include puddles, damp walls or floors, musty odours, mold growth, and peeling paint. It is important to address these issues promptly as a wet basement can lead to serious structural problems and health hazards (like mold).


Additionally, if homeowners are planning any renovation projects that involve the basement, it is recommended to get waterproofing done beforehand to ensure a dry and usable space for years to come.


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Cost of Waterproofing in Pickering

How Much Does Waterproofing Pickering Cost?

The cost of waterproofing in Pickering can range from $70 to $100 per linear foot. However, it is important to note that the exact cost can vary depending on several factors such as the size and condition of the basement, the type of waterproofing method used, and any additional services required - for example, basement underpinning, window well installations, weeping tile cleanout,


It is recommended to get a professional assessment and quote from a reputable waterproofing company in Pickering for an accurate estimate based on your specific needs. They will be able to provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs and advise you on the most suitable waterproofing solution for your basement.

All Waterproofing Service Prices

Popular Waterproofing Solutions in Pickering

Wet Basement Waterproofing Services in Pickering

Choose a trusted provider of high-quality basement waterproofing services in Pickering. With years of experience, our team of experts specializes in identifying and addressing the root causes of basement moisture issues. We use top-of-the-line materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure long-lasting and effective waterproofing solutions.  We take a comprehensive approach, considering factors such as foundation condition, water sources, and drainage systems to create customized plans for each client. Whether it's installing interior or exterior waterproofing systems, repairing cracks or leaks, or implementing sump pump systems, or adding a basement exit, our skilled technicians deliver reliable results. Backed by our dedication to customer satisfaction and offering an industry-leading 25-year warranty on their workmanship, our team of Basements Waterproofers is the go-to choice for quality basement waterproofing in Pickering.


Interior waterproofing focuses on managing water that has already entered the basement. It typically involves installing a drainage system (such as a French drain) along with a sump pump to collect and redirect water away from the foundation. Interior waterproofing is necessary when there are existing leaks or excessive moisture inside the basement due to hydrostatic pressure or poor drainage conditions.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Cost - $70-$350/linear foot

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Basement lowering refers to several services such as bench footing, or basement underpinning. These services involve excavation work designed to increase ceiling height and create more headroom in an existing basement. This process typically involves shoring up the foundation, underpinning existing footings, and creating new flooring structures. While not directly related to waterproofing per se, it can be an opportune time to address any potential waterproofing issues before proceeding with interior renovations.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot


Foundation repair services focus on addressing structural issues in a home's foundation caused by cracks, settling, shifting soils, or other factors. These repairs are vital for maintaining overall structural integrity while also preventing potential sources of water infiltration into the basement through compromised foundation walls.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost - $1,500-$3,200+


Plumbing rough-ins involve installing pipes and drains necessary for future plumbing fixtures within the basement area. These rough-in services ensure proper placement and connections while considering potential waterproofing strategies during installation.

Waterproofing Contractors installing a weeping tile in front of CN Tower

Weeping tiles play a vital role in managing groundwater around foundation walls by collecting excess water from surrounding soil and channeling it away from the foundation via gravity or pumps. Weeping tile installation helps relieve hydrostatic pressure against foundation walls, preventing dampness or flooding inside basements caused by groundwater buildup.

Weeping Tile Installation Cost: $1,500-$4,000/wall


The purpose of exterior basement waterproofing is to prevent water intrusion from the outside. It involves excavating around the foundation, applying a waterproof membrane or coating to the exterior walls, and installing drainage systems such as weeping tiles. This service is needed when there are signs of moisture or water seepage on the basement walls caused by heavy rainfall, improper grading, or groundwater issues.

Basement Waterproofing Cost - $100-$300/linear foot


Backwater valves help protect basements from sewer backup during heavy rainfall events or municipal sewer system overload. They are installed in the main sewer line and prevent water or sewage from flowing backward into the basement. This service is crucial for areas prone to sewer backup or located in flood-prone regions.

Crawlspace Insulation Toronto GTA Ontario Example.jpeg

Crawlspace encapsulation involves creating a barrier to isolate the crawlspace from outside elements such as moisture or pests. It typically includes installing vapor barriers, insulation, drainage systems, and sealing any gaps or cracks. Crawlspace conversion refers to transforming underutilized crawlspaces into usable storage areas or livable spaces by improving insulation, ventilation, lighting, and overall environmental quality.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Cost


Basement walkouts involve creating an exterior access point directly from the basement area usually leading out to ground level instead of traditional stairs connecting only upper floor levels (usually through bulkheads). This construction allows homeowners convenient access between indoor living spaces and outdoor areas, but it is essential to ensure proper waterproofing measures during the installation process.


A sump pump is installed in a pit within the basement floor and its purpose is to remove excess water that accumulates in the pit during heavy rain or flooding events. This service is important for homes prone to flooding or areas with high groundwater levels. Sump pumps help prevent water damage and keep basements dry and safe.

Sump Pump Installation Cost - $500-$3,600


Window wells are excavated areas around basement windows designed to improve light and ventilation. Properly installed window wells also help prevent water accumulation near window frames, reducing the risk of leaks and moisture infiltration into the basement through windows.


Basement leak repair involves identifying and fixing sources of water intrusion within the basement. It can include repairing cracks, sealing foundation walls, waterproofing around plumbing fixtures, or addressing issues with window wells or other openings that may allow water to enter.


Basement wall removal is typically done during renovation projects when homeowners want to create open-concept spaces by eliminating load-bearing walls in basements. This service requires professional structural engineering evaluation and support systems as part of the construction process to maintain overall stability and integrity.

Basement Wall Cut Out Cost - $1,000+


Waterproofing Products Pickering

Popular Basement Waterproofing Materials in Pickering

There are several popular basement waterproofing materials used in Pickering. One commonly used material is a liquid waterproofing membrane, which is applied as a thin coating to the interior foundation walls. This membrane forms a protective barrier against water intrusion. Another common material is hydraulic cement, which is often used for repairing cracks and sealing foundation walls. It has excellent bonding properties and provides long-lasting protection against water seepage.


Additionally, exterior waterproofing systems such as weeping tiles or drainage membranes are widely employed. These systems help divert water away from the foundation by collecting and channeling it into discharge points or drainage pipes.


Sump pumps are also popular in Pickering to prevent water buildup in the basement. They work by pumping out excess water that collects in sump pits, ensuring a dry environment.


We use some of the best brands of basement waterproofing materials. These products are combined with our well-trained technicians and unparalleled process, allow us to offer a 25-year warranty, making sure your basement is free of leaks for a long time.

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Pickering Waterproofing and Beyond

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  • How long does basement underpinning take?
    The duration of a basement underpinning project can vary depending on various factors, including the size of the basement, the complexity of the existing foundation, and the specific underpinning technique used. Typically, basement underpinning projects can take several weeks to a few months to complete. The process involves a series of steps, including excavation, installation of temporary supports, underpinning the foundation, pouring new concrete footings, and allowing sufficient time for the concrete to cure. The timeline may also be influenced by factors such as weather conditions and any unforeseen challenges encountered during the construction process. It's important to consult with a professional contractor or structural engineer who can assess your specific situation and provide a more accurate estimate of the timeframe required for your basement underpinning project. They will consider the scope of work, project complexities, and any potential disruptions to your daily routine during the construction phase.
  • How much does basement underpinning cost?
    An average basement underpinning project in Toronto & GTA will cost you about $15,000 for a conventional basement underpinning or more for a more complex projects. There is a number of moving elements inside the basement underpinning cost, here is a couple of considerations: Structural Engineer – Structural Engineer has to work with your basement underpinning contractor to create a plan. You can work with our team or choose your own Structural Engineer, this usually costs around $2,000. Other Factors – depth, access, footage of your basement will also impact the cost. Basement Underpinning in Toronto, GTA & Southern Ontario generally costs around $350-$450 per linear foot.
  • Common Foundation Problems?
    There is a number of foundation problems that may occur for different reasons. If you notice the or other foundation problems, make sure to talk to an expert as soon as possible as foundation problems tend to get worse over time. Here is a couple of foundation problems that we often see: Cracks in the foundation - cracks can occur due to settling, shifting soil, or poor construction. They can range from minor hairline cracks to larger, more serious cracks that affect the structural integrity of the foundation. Uneven or sinking foundation - may be caused by soil movement or inadequate soil compaction during construction and other problems. It can lead to uneven floors, gaps between walls and floors, or doors and windows that stick. Foundation heaving - heaving may be caused by the soil beneath the foundation expanding, which causes the foundation to rise. This can be caused by excessive moisture, frost, or poor drainage around the foundation. Basement leaks - water seepage or leaks in the basement can be a sign of foundation problems. They can occur due to cracks in the foundation, poor waterproofing, or improper drainage around the foundation. Bowing or leaning walls - when the foundation walls start to bow or lean inward, it is often a result of hydrostatic pressure from water-saturated soil pushing against the foundation. This can lead to structural instability and should be addressed promptly. Settling or sinking foundation - if the foundation settles or sinks unevenly, it can cause cracks in the walls, uneven floors, and misaligned doors and windows. This can be caused by soil consolidation, poor soil compaction, or inadequate foundation design. Foundation deterioration - over time, foundations can deteriorate due to age, exposure to moisture, or poor construction materials. This can lead to weakened foundation walls, crumbling concrete, or loss of structural integrity. The list goes on. Remember, these and other foundation issue should never be ignored. If you see any signs of foundation problems, talk to an expert as soon as possible!
  • Why do you need a structural engineer report?
    The first step in basement underpinning project. This along with recommendation from a structural engineer will give you an unbiased opinion on the foundation problems.
  • How to use extra space created by basement underpinning?
    We see our clients turn the results of basement underpinning projects to make their dreams come true, or at the very least – to make their lives better. Here is how some of our clients use their additional living space in their basement: Income Suit Nanny Space Gym Bar Games Room Movie Theatre In-law Suit And in some cases, all of the above. When you underpin your basement, you will have plenty of space to get creative!
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