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Basement Waterproofing Toronto & GTA

Basement Waterproofing & Leak Repair

We offer basement waterproofing services in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and beyond. We offer a range of basement waterproofing services from basement leak repairs to foundation repairs, basement underpinning services, interior and exterior waterproofing, and more.


Any one of our services starts with a special discount offer and discuss your projects with our basement waterproofing contractors. Talk to one of our experts today!

Basement Waterproofing Experts

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Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Signs that You Need Basement Waterproofing Toronto

Basement waterproofing services can have different scopes depending on your objectives, the extent of the problems, your budget, the amount of groundwater in your location, and other factors. With that said, our recommended approach to basement waterproofing in your specific scenario often depends on the extent of the water damage that you are facing. From wall crack repairs (that are relatively inexpensive and easy to do) to full-scale foundation repairs, basement underpinning projects, and basement waterproofing.


Here are a couple of signs that will signal that you need basement waterproofing services:

  • Water Stains – wall water leaks and wet basement floors are among the signs that you need to talk to basement waterproofing contractors. It is important to get basement leak repairs on time, as these issues  tend to get worse over time

  • Wet Basement Floor – water seeping through the basement floor is another common indicator that basement waterproofing may be needed for your property

  • Mold and Mildew – as well as fungi, tend to live in humid environments. If you see mold, mildew or fungi in your basement, you may want to talk to professional basement waterproofing contractors

  • Humidity – higher than normal humidity is another sign of a basement that needs waterproofing

  • Cracks in Basement Walls or Floors – cracks in foundation walls and floors ca lead to water leaks, which in turn can cause basement floods. Early foundation repairs are recommended to prevent them from getting worse.

If you notice any of these signs, it's important to have your basement inspected by a professional waterproofing contractor to determine the extent of the problem and recommend an appropriate solution.

Benefits of Basement Waterproofing

Why Basement Waterproofing Services are Worth it in Toronto & Beyond?

They say that the best time to do basement waterproofing is before you need it. Basement waterproofing services are a good investment as they bring a number of benefits to your property. Here is a couple of examples:


  • Protects your Investment – your property is an investment. For many people, their home is the biggest investment in their life. Basement waterproofing helps protect your investment from potential water damage in the future.

  • Protect the Foundation – when groundwater gets in touch with the foundation of your property. This can lead to hydrostatic damage. Some of the basement waterproofing services can minimize this contact. This way, your foundation will likely serve you longer.

  • Additional Living Space – basement waterproofing services are often combined with basement underpinning which will help strengthen the foundation of your home, plus will result in basement floor lowering that will give you additional living space.

  • Property Value – all these benefits are likely to make your property more desirable on the market. Often times this can lead to an increased property value.

When done right, basement waterproofing services will help protect your property from water damage, no matter the location. Professional basement waterproofing contractors will help select the right services for your waterproofing project.

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Basement Waterproofing Toronto

What is the Process of Exterior vs Interior Basement Waterproofing?

The details of basement waterproofing can vary depending on the specifics of your project. But here is a couple of examples to give you a broad understanding of what is often involved. Basement waterproofing can be done either from the interior or the exterior of the home. Here are the basic steps for each method:

Interior Basement Waterproofing

  1. Identify the source of water: The first step in interior waterproofing is to locate the source of the water intrusion. This may involve inspecting the basement walls and floors for cracks, gaps, or other signs of water entry.

  2. Repair any cracks or leaks: Once the source of the water has been identified, any cracks or leaks in the walls or floors should be repaired using hydraulic cement or a similar waterproofing compound.

  3. Install a drainage system: A drainage system, such as a sump pump or French drain, may be installed to collect and remove any water that enters the basement.

  4. Apply a waterproofing membrane: A waterproofing membrane may be applied to the interior walls and floors to provide an additional layer of protection against water intrusion.

Exterior Basement Waterproofing:

  1. Excavation: The first step in exterior waterproofing is to excavate the soil around the exterior walls of the basement to expose the foundation walls.

  2. Repair any cracks or leaks: Any cracks or leaks in the foundation walls should be repaired using a waterproofing compound or an epoxy injection system.

  3. Install a drainage system: A drainage system, such as a French drain, may be installed to collect and remove any water that enters the soil around the foundation.

  4. Apply a waterproofing membrane: A waterproofing membrane may be applied to the exterior walls of the basement to provide an additional layer of protection against water intrusion.

  5. Backfill: Once the waterproofing membrane has been applied, the soil around the foundation walls can be backfilled to its original level.

Both interior and exterior basement waterproofing have their advantages and disadvantages, and the method used will depend on the specific needs and conditions of the home. It's best to consult with a professional waterproofing contractor to determine the most effective solution for your basement.


Basement Waterproofing Testimonials

Wet Basement Waterproofing, Basement Leak Repair Toronto

Basement Waterproofing Services Toronto

Dedicated to delivering some of the best basement waterproofing services in Barrie. Our service comes with a free estimate, flexible pricing options, some of the best basement waterproofing materials, as well as years of experience our basement waterproofing contractors bring to the table. Book you FREE estimate today!


Exterior waterproofing is essential in preventing water from seeping into your basement. This involves applying a waterproof barrier around the exterior of your basement walls and footing. This method is popular as it tackles water issues at the source.

Basement Waterproofing Cost - $100-$300/linear foot

Basement Underpinning Project in Progress near Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto

Basement underpinning involves reinforcing the foundation of a building, providing more stability and protection against soil movements. This can also create more headroom in your basement, making it a more functional and comfortable space. The process requires expertise and precision to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Basement Underpinning Cost - $85-$450 per linear foot


Window well installation involves creating an area around the basement window to allow natural light and ventilation. They also have the added benefit of providing an emergency exit route from the basement. Window wells are also necessary to keep soil away from windows and prevent any potential water damage.

Window Well Installation Cost - $1,600-$4,000


Basement plumbing rough-ins are essentially the initial stages of installing your basement's plumbing system. It is the process of laying down the pipes and fixtures before they are concealed behind walls or flooring. This service is necessary to ensure your basement's plumbing set up is in accordance with building codes and to prevent potential issues down the line.


Egress windows are a specific type of window required in basements to provide a safe escape route in the event of an emergency. These windows are large enough for a person to crawl through and they also bring in natural light, making your basement a more inviting space. Installing egress windows is a crucial part of basement safety and function.

Basement Wall Cut Out Cost - $1,000+


Interior basement waterproofing involves applying waterproofing measures inside the basement. This might include a sealant to prevent dampness or a drainage system to remove any water that does infiltrate. It can be an effective last line of defence against water damage in your basement.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Cost - $70-$350/linear foot


Foundation crack repair is necessary for maintaining your home's stability and value. Even small cracks can leadto water leaks, which can lead to further damage if not addressed. Professionals can fill these cracks with sealants or install a drainage system to avert further erosion.

Foundation Crack Repair Cost - $1,500-$3,200


Identifying the source of a basement leak and repairing it promptly is essential to prevent structural damage or mold growth. Professionals utilize various methods, including infrared cameras and moisture meters, to accurately detect leaks. Once identified, the area is sealed to ensure the leak does not reoccur.

Waterproofing Contractors installing a weeping tile in front of CN Tower

Weeping tile is a drainage system placed around the foundation of your home. It collects excess groundwater and directs it away from your home to prevent water damage. Installing a weeping tile system is essential in preventing basement flooding in areas prone to heavy rain or snowfall.

Weeping Tile Installation Cost $1,500-$4,000/wall


Trenchless pipe replacement, also known as trenchless technology or no-dig technology, is a method used to replace or repair underground pipes without the need for extensive digging or excavation. This innovative approach minimizes disruption, time, and cost associated with traditional pipe replacement methods.

In trenchless pipe replacement, specialized equipment and techniques are used to access and replace the existing underground pipes can be delivered via pipe lining or pipe bursting methodology.


A sump pump is a crucial tool for preventing floods in your basement as it works by pumping out excess water. Installation involves digging a hole known as a sump pit at the lowest point in your basement. A properly installed sump pump can offer peace of mind during heavy rains and snow melts.

Sump Pump Installation Cost - $500-$3,600


A backwater valve is a protective device installed in your house’s sewer line. It prevents sewage or stormwater from flowing back into the house during heavy rains or sewer backups. This installation can save you from serious property damage and health hazards caused by sewage overflow.

Crawlspace Insulation Toronto GTA Ontario Example.jpeg

Crawlspace encapsulation involves sealing your crawlspace to protect it from moisture, mildew, and pests. A heavy-duty polyethylene barrier is used to completely cover your crawlspace, creating a moisture barrier. This service can improve the energy efficiency of your home and can help prevent structural damage.


A basement walkout serves as an additional entrance to your basement directly from the outside. It provides convenient and easy access, especially if your basement is used as a living or workspace. Constructing a walkout also increases the value of your property.

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