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Yellow Jacket Fibre Mesh

Yellow Jacket Fibre Mesh, often known as fiberglass mesh, is a type of reinforcement material made of of woven yellow fiberglass strands designed to provide strength and stability. It is one of our favourite materials for waterproofing.

It is often used for reinforcement in concrete or plaster work, waterproofing systems, crack repair, and tiling work. It can help to prevent cracking and failure of substances like plaster or concrete, improving their overall longevity and durability.

The Yellow Jacket Fibre Mesh can come in different weights, sizes, and weave patterns, offering varying degrees of strength and flexibility. It is typically easy to cut and shape, allowing for easy installation. It’s resistant to alkali, making it a strong and durable material for construction. Its yellow color also makes it easily identifiable on worksites.

When selecting Yellow Jacket Fibre Mesh, you should consider the specific requirements of your application, including the required strength, flexibility, and resistance to environmental conditions. Always ensure to follow proper installation techniques for the best results.


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Yellow Jacket Fibre Mesh

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