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DMX Air Gap

DMX Air Gap is a waterproofing and drainage system designed to prevent water infiltration and moisture buildup in below-grade structures such as basements and foundations. It consists of a dimpled, high-density polyethylene membrane that creates an air gap between the foundation wall and the finishing materials.

The purpose of the air gap is to provide a continuous space for water drainage, allowing any water that penetrates the foundation wall to flow freely downward to the perimeter drain or sump pump system. This prevents water from pooling against the foundation, reducing the risk of leaks, mold, and damage.

DMX Air Gap is commonly used in combination with other waterproofing measures such as perimeter drains, sump pumps, and waterproofing coatings. It is easy to install and can be applied to both new construction projects or as a retrofit solution for existing structures.


Basement Waterproofing Materials

DMX Air Gap

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