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DELTA®-MS – Below-Grade Dimpled Membrane

DELTA®-MS – Below-Grade Dimpled Membrane is a waterproofing membrane designed to provide superior protection for foundation walls and other below-ground structures. This product, made by DELTA® Systems, is uniquely known for its dimpled design, which creates an air gap that prevents water from coming in direct contact with the structure.

Here are some key points about DELTA®-MS:

1. Air-Gap Technology: In the event of any water leakage from the ground, the dimpled surface of the DELTA®-MS allows water to drain freely towards the footing drain. The air-gap ensures that the water cannot touch the wall, thus, essentially protecting the structure against dampness and water entry.

2. High-Quality Material: DELTA®-MS is made from high-density polyethylene, which makes it highly durable, resistant to chemicals commonly found in soils, and impermeable to water and water vapor.

3. Simple Installation: The membrane is lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy handling and quick installation. It can be installed in any weather condition, can be bent to the required shape, and can be fitted to any type of wall.

4. Energy Efficiency: The air gap created by the dimple design provides insulation, contributing to better energy efficiency in the building.

5. Versatile: DELTA®-MS can be used in commercial, residential, industrial, and infrastructure applications to protect against water intrusion and maintain the integrity of the structure.

DELTA®-MS is a highly effective solution for waterproofing below-grade structures, giving buildings long-lasting protection against water damage and helping to create a dry and comfortable living space.


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DELTA®-MS – Below-Grade Dimpled Membrane

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