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4″ X 100′ Corrugated Drain Pipe – With Filter

A 4" x 100' corrugated drain pipe with filter is a type of drainage pipe commonly used in landscaping and outdoor drainage projects. It has a diameter of 4 inches and a length of 100 feet. The pipe is made from corrugated plastic, which provides flexibility and durability.

The "with filter" designation indicates that the drain pipe is equipped with a built-in filter sleeve or wrap. This filter sleeve helps to prevent debris, sediment, and other particles from clogging the pipe and interfering with its drainage function. The filter sleeve acts as a barrier, allowing water to pass through while preventing the entry of unwanted materials.

This type of corrugated drain pipe with a filter is typically used to direct and manage water runoff in various applications, such as residential and commercial landscaping, foundation drainage, French drains, and agricultural drainage systems. It helps to channel water away from an area, preventing water damage and soil erosion.

When installing a 4" x 100' corrugated drain pipe with filter, it is important to properly slope and position the pipe to ensure efficient water flow. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning may be required to keep the filter sleeve clear and prevent clogs.


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4″ X 100′ Corrugated Drain Pipe – With Filter

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